Please allow 2-3 hours for your initial appointment as a comprehensive eye examination requires a number of steps to be performed along with additional testing

It is preferable that you do not drive or have someone to drive you home as eye drops are often used to dilate the pupil (this allows us to make a detailed assessment of your condition) which can blur your vision for a number of hours afterwards

Your appointment time is your arrival time, not necessarily the time you will see the doctor. There is a process of preliminary assessment and testing to be done prior to seeing the doctor. The registration process also takes some time at your first visit.

It is helpful to bring your letter of referral with you to your appointment. This can be from your GP or optometrist (referrals are valid for 12 months) or from another specialist (referrals only valid for 3 months). This will allow you to claim a medicare rebate for part of the consultation. You are still able to see one of our specialists without a valid referral, but will not be able to claim the medicare rebate.

Please also bring a list of current medications, any eye drops you are using, and your glasses.

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